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Can you find yourself _

Floating with the sunset

Fat of the land

To the place i want to go_Mod_ Masha Lysak_Dresses Design _ Natali Boychuk

I live uptown_I live downtown_I live all

Diamonds & Rust_Mod_ Or Cohen

Take me down to the paradise city

Secrets of the desert queen __Mod_ Tiki dafna_Dsn & styling _ Natali Boychuk

I drove up to Hillside sometime after no

I can see your soul grow through the pain as they hit the ground

She's often inclined to borrow somebody’

And she made me promise not to tell I ha

Stories when the sun sneaks in

Welcome to the aliens tea party_Mod_ Masha Lysak_ Dresses Design _ Natali Boychuk

Safari dreams_Mod_ Masha Lysak_Dresses Design _ Natali Boychuk

Thoughts fly into the summer sky

Sun prayer_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Dsn & styling _ Natali Boychuk

Off Road_Mod_ Luda Ksenzovski

I only dream in black and white, I only

Will you answer__Mod_ Tiki dafna_Dsn & styling _ Natali Boychuk

Somtimes i wonder


Don't give a damn

Sand storm_Mod_ שוני דניאל כהן

Low sun , Deep sand_Mod_ Or Cohen

Tales of shallow water__Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Styling & dsn_ Natali Boychuk

Over seas

Purple haze

Morning poetry

Burn__Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Dress&Styling _ Natali Boychuk


Tales of bats_Modeling,styling & dsn _ Natali Boychuk

State of love

Red rock shelter me_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Cloth

Dive into sunset_Mod_ Or Cohen

Blooming of the sunset _Mod_ Ilana Farjun

I can hide my darkness _Styling,dsgn&modeling_ Natali Boychuk


Never fall_Styling,dsn & mod_ Natali Boychuk

Desert promises are whispered_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_styling & dsn _ Natali Boychuk

Winter time_Mod_ Ilana Farjun

Sister of Mars_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Styling&dsn

Ancient dust_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Styling & dsn _ Natali Boychuk

The sorrows of darkness arise at evenings_Mod_ Tiki Dafna & Natali Boychuk_Styling & desigen _ Natal

Let me tell you all_Mod_ Tiki Dafna_styling&dsn_ Natali Boychuk

little song of deep water_Mod_lovely  Natali Boychuk

Sail your ship across the water,_Spread your wings across the sky

Is it me or is it shadows that are dancing on the stones___Mod_ Tiki Dafna_styling&dsn_ Natali Boych

Time to think again_Mod,styling & Dsn _ Natali Boychuk

Courage between the demons_Mod _ Tiki Dafna_styling & dsn _ Natali Boychuk

I can tell from your eyes,you've never been by the riverside__Mod_ Tiki Dafna_Styling & dsn _ Natali

Autumn hints_Mod_ Or Cohen

i will never get back_Mod_ Laura Shamailov

And yet,desert is empty at evenings_Mod_ שוני דניאל כהן

Last words_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Toxicity_Mod_ Or Cohen


Sun love_Mod_ Or Cohen

Songs in shallow water

Refugee_Mod_ Natalie Elva Avigdor

In the end we have to land_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

I got that  summertime sadness

I'm slow to finish but I'm quick to start

That was a hell of a ride_Mod_ Or Cohen

Autumn hints_Mod_ Or Cohen

The sun rays silence _#הפרוייקט

Self diving_Mod_ Or Cohen

Make things smooth_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Sun rays cant hide

Sun love_Mod_ Or Cohen

I am what i am

A place to call home_Mod_ Or Cohen

Time to feel

And u give yourself away

Morning at the valley

I'm slow to finish but I'm quick to start

Say what__#הפרוייקט

And yet we rolling

Another story to be told

Day dream by the river_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

The story of a strange light incident

Visits on the other side_Mod Rina Bunin_Mu_ Katy Taurel-Ciabotaru

Keep it alive_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Far beyond thought

Many things to say

The autumn birds faded away_Mod _ Shir Nachmani

Wish to burn it all

Let the journey begin_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Wallcome to the jungle

The sinking of the pumpkin dreams__#הפרוייקט

Look up to see u under_#הפרוייקט

Let it fade

To be yourself is all that you can do

Often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams

Cant say less_#הפרוייקט

Things i tell to myself

Take it away I never had it anyway_Sapphire Boochaim__ #הפרוייקט

Can u tell me all __#הפרוייקט

I saw it all before_Mod_ Yuli Giller

Clear things rising_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Nature vally_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

She can make the birds and bees _get down on their little knees _Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Jewel of the summertime_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Can you feel, a little love___#הפרוייקט

Hankering_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Snow White songs

Sun bath_Mod_ Shelly Starosta

Man at work

Black birds fill my mind_Mod_ Ayala Haimov Art - new

Many thoughts

In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings,_Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven


Man at work

C'ause i see it all_Mod _ Yuli Giller _(For RBD Models & Talents )

There will always be someone

Trails of hope_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Sandy days_Mod _ Rinat Ben Kalifa


So you drifting away_Mod_ Yuli Giller_(For RBD Models & Talents )

With clouds we grow_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

I know this road before_Mod_ Yuli Giller_{For RBD Models & Talents }

Set your sail for an island in the sun_Mod_ Natalie Elva Avigdor

Trees can hug you_Mod_ Shir Nachmani

Close your eyes if u wanna see_Mod _ Liron Dan

Swamp of gold_Mod_ Sally Refaeli


Let it go_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Boiling wet_Mod_ _RbK

When evning fale_Mod_ Luda Ksenzovski

Leave the sun behind_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Gold & Brown_Mod_ Rbk

Silverado Americano_Mod_ Sally Refaeli

Till the end of the day_Mod _ Tiki Dafna

Sun song

Let me tell you about magics in the wonderland_Mod_ Or Cohen


Yoga time


Magicland gardens__Mod_ Laura Shamailov _Styling & Fashion Designer _ Sheli Cherney_Hair & MakMaya E









Facebook - Feel the light
Mod: Shahar Shani

Facebook - Dance with trees
Mod: Tiki Dafna
MU : Or Cohen
Assi: יואל הרוש

Facebook - Bike hike

Mod: Or Cohen
Bike by: יואל הרוש

Facebook - And then i whisper so gently

Facebook - Above the water & under the sun

Mod: Sally Refaeli

Facebook - Shore 
Mod: Tiki Dafna

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_pnref=lhc#_הדס הכט עיצ

In the garden of Eve_Mod_ Laura Shamailov

Lets make movies_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

C'ause i see it all_Mod _ Yuli Giller _(For RBD Models & Talents )

Nature dance_Mod _ Tiki Dafna

After the sun comes rain again_Mod_ Shir Nachmani

Talking about all of yours wonders_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

she can get your eyes to think , and she can get a horse to drink_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Can i play with madness_

Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings_Mod_ Liron Dan

Before you go back_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

She said _how do you know_ Maybe you are_

Stop by

Morning pai_Mod_ Sally Refaeli

And u give yourself away

Can u say when its spring time__Mod_ Or Cohen

50's Trip_Mod_ Hila

Between time and space_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

With clouds we grow_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Kind enough to disavow,And this is where I stand..

Under a silent sky of blue_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Dark sun_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Down to erth_Mod_ Tiki Dafna

Times of summer_Mod _ Sally Refaeli

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